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About Us

Whether you need a podiatrist to keep your feet healthy or a Musculo-skeletal specialist to help you to recover from injury. You might have painful joints and need to regain mobility or maybe you just want a relaxing foot massage session for a bit of ‘me time’

Northwich Foot Clinic is here for you. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team are all here to help.

Our Approach

You will find our approach refreshingly different from other clinics. Our multi-disciplinary team offers treatments that complement each other perfectly. We provide care packages that are tailored to the needs of each patient.
This approach, has allowed us to help people with complex needs in a way that many other practices cannot.

Since the clinic opened, in 2012, we have helped hundreds of patients to get relief from pain, regain mobility & build strength. Enjoying healthier, more active lives.

For example, if one of our podiatrists spots an issue with your gait while carrying out a biomechanical assessment. He or she has the option to refer you on to one of our team of MSK therapists. They can then put together a tailored treatment plan that addresses the underlying cause. When appropriate, we also offer Massage, Shockwave or Laser therapy as part of your treatment plan. These therapies relieve muscle tension. Enabling your body to heal quickly and respond fully to the treatment provided by our Podiatrists, Osteopath and Sports Rehabilitator. Whether you are a shop floor worker, who is on their feet all day, looking for relief from painful foot disorders or an athlete with a sports injury, we can treat you. Those who have disabilities, or are suffering the side effects of chronic disease can also be helped to maintain their strength and mobility by the Northwich Foot Clinic team.

The team

All the clinicians are all highly qualified, and are recognised experts. You can find out more about each team members qualifications and expertise on our about us page. Every member of the team regularly undertakes additional training to make sure his or her knowledge and skills are always up to date. The clinic is also audited and accredited by the Royal College of Podiatry, which keeps us on our toes. In addition, we work with many of the major insurance companies, including BUPA and Simply Health. This also helps us to keep our standards high.


You will not walk away from our clinic with just a diagnosis – you will get treatment to manage your symptoms too.

Northwich Foot Clinic. Company registration number 9691605

Directors Mr D.E. Jackson & Mrs C. Jackson