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If you’ve been experiencing lower back pain, it might be sciatica. Seeing an osteopath for sciatica is extremely beneficial for several reasons.

Top 5 Benefits Of Seeing An Osteopath For Sciatica

6th December 2021

If you are experiencing persistent pain in your lower back, you might be suffering from sciatica. Although it is incredibly painful and, in some cases, might even prevent you from running day to day activities, there are many treatment options available. Osteopathy, for example, is a highly effective remedy that can help you in countless […]

If you practice any kind of sports you might want to assess the condition of your lower limbs with a biomechanical assessment. Find more about it here!

What To Expect From A Biomechanical Assessment (And Why You Need One!)

29th November 2021

Despite what we like to tell ourselves, nobody truly has a perfect body and we are all subjects to mild abnormalities that can have a big impact on our overall health. Think about something simple, like having one leg slightly shorter than the other or any kind of irregularity in your feet… Although it’s not […]

Visiting an MSK Clinic is not something reserved for athletes. MSK therapy can be helpful with many painful conditions. Book your appointment today!

Top 5 Reasons You Need To Visit An MSK Clinic

22nd November 2021

You’ve probably heard a great deal about Musculoskeletal Therapy and know at least a few people who benefited from this kind of treatment in the past. But as far as you are concerned, MSK and physiotherapy are the kinds of therapy only athletes and chronically ill people seek when they have to recover from an […]

The sensation of your foot burning at night is unpleasant and painful. Book your health assessment with a podiatrist as soon as possible!

Foot Burning At Night? Causes And How To Easily Stop It

15th November 2021

Recently your nights have been disturbed by an unusual guest: a tingling, burning and painful sensation in your feet.  As unpleasant as it sounds, it’s a quite common occurrence. You might also be seriously worried about the causes of this rather unusual sensation and be willing to find more about your treatment options as well.  […]

Podologist and podiatrist might seem like they perform the same tasks, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Find out the difference about them!

What is the difference between podiatrist and Podologist?

8th November 2021

We can’t stress enough the importance of taking care of the health of your feet as you would normally do with your eyes and teeth. It doesn’t matter if you practice any kind of exercise or if you are sitting most of the time: your feet are the key to a healthier body. Yet, when […]

Osteopathy is incredibly beneficial for many pathologies, but in your case it doesn’t seem to be working that much. What can you do about it? Let’s see why osteopathy is not working for you and how to fix it!

My Osteopathy Is Not Working! Why You’re Struggling And How To Fix It

1st November 2021

After trying to get rid of your annoying back pain in all the ways possible, you’ve decided to give osteopathy a try.  But, as promising as it sounded, it’s not working properly for you. Why is that? Let’s start by saying that there are many reasons why you are not feeling the benefits of osteopathy, […]

If you have suffered a sports injury, your physical functionalities might be reduced. Find out the top 5 uses of physical therapy in sport and get back on your feet!

Top 5 Uses Of Physical Therapy In Sport

25th October 2021

You don’t normally like skipping a workout session, but now you don’t feel at your best and had to rest for more than just the usual couple of days. Or, maybe, you’ve noticed that your performances aren’t as good as they used to be. What’s the problem? Did you injure yourself with a badly formed […]

If you are experiencing recurring pain and numbness in your hands, you might want to seek carpal tunnel syndrome treatment. Find out how MSK can successfully help you with that!

Why MSK Is A Great Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

18th October 2021

Do your hands go numb or feel tingly without an explanation? You might have an incredibly common syndrome better known as Carpal Tunnel. As a matter of fact, you might already know many people who have dealt with it and, as unpleasant and painful as it is, there are many treatment options and MSK is […]

If your feet are in pain when walking it might be a serious foot health problem. Consider seeing a podiatrist!

5 Common Causes Of Foot Pains When Walking (And How To Fix Them)

11th October 2021

One of the worst pain you could ever wish for, foot pains are also one of the most common causes of a ruined night out or, worse, a holiday. How many times have you found yourself burdened with incredible pain that prevented you from enjoying your highly anticipated trip?  Sometimes, though, foot pains don’t wait […]

Heels are beautiful but can be damaging. Here are our foot care specialist tips for high heels and foot health so you can rock your new shoes!

High Heels and Foot Health: 5 Tips To Rock Your Shoes

4th October 2021

You’ve just bought a new pair of fabulous shoes that you wish to rock on your next night out.  Surely high heels are the most stylish choice when it comes to putting together a nice outfit, but they can also be incredibly uncomfortable, making your feet less than happy. In addition to that, an incorrect […]