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Acupuncture Case Study

A patient presented in clinic with significant pain in his low back and symptoms travelling down his right leg as far as his foot.

It started while he was bending over an engine in his garage while restoring a classic car. He felt a sharp sudden pain and difficulty standing up straight. The pain got worse over the next few days and his back became stiffer especially in the mornings. His GP prescribed strong painkillers and advised him to see a physio as he was now signed off work as this involved a lot of lifting and bending.

When he first came to Northwich Foot Clinic & Physio he could hardly walk, was unable to stand up straight and found sitting painful too. After a full assessment a course of acupuncture was advised. He was very sceptical at first but was at the point of “try anything” as the pain was that bad. He had 2 acupuncture sessions within the first week and he was amazed how effective the treatment was. After the first session his back pain started to recede and the second session saw his leg and foot pain also begin to reduce. We continued the acupuncture and added an home exercise plan to increase his mobility, core stability and strength. Overall he had 12 acupuncture sessions over 8 weeks, returning to work in week 3 on light duties, building up to his full role soon after.

While he was off work with the back pain he took the time to consider his lifestyle and how this may be affecting his recovery and his risk of further injuries. Through discussions while having his treatments he decided to quit smoking, reduce his drinking and think about his diet too.

This patient, who presented in significant amount of pain, through a combination of acupuncture, home exercise and lifestyle changes significantly improved over a relatively short space of time. He was very pleased with his treatment and now, many months later has maintained a lot of these changes to become a much healthier and happier individual.

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