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How To Bounce Back From A Broken Leg

How To Bounce Back From A Broken Leg - Northwich Foot Clinic, Cheshire

A broken leg will certainly stop you in your tracks. Common among sportspeople, it is a painful injury with a long recovery time, but there are things that you can do to encourage healing and get back to the old you. 

Depending on the severity of your broken leg, treatment can involve surgery, reduction (where a doctor puts misaligned bones back into place) and/or immobilisation – commonly with a plaster cast. A minor fracture will take around 6-8 weeks to heal, and during this time crutches or a wheelchair will probably be necessary until you can put weight on your leg again. More severe fractures can take between 3 and 6 months to heal.

How To Recover From A Broken Leg…

Here are our top tips for speeding up your recovery and avoiding related health issues in the future:

  1. Follow your treatment plan. Your doctor will have given you a treatment plan which will outline things such as how long you should go before walking on your broken leg, when you need to use crutches etc. It is vital that you follow this, because you may delay your healing time if you don’t. Make sure that you attend any follow-up appointments that have been booked, and listen carefully to your doctor’s advice.
  2. Eat a balanced diet. When your body is recovering from an injury, it needs more nutrients than it normally would. Up your intake of fruits and vegetables, and try to avoid processed food as much as possible. 
  3. Stop smoking. Smoking has been shown to alter the blood flow to the bone, lengthening the time it takes for your bone to heal. It also brings a much higher risk of developing a nonunion – where the bone fails to heal.
  4. Try musculoskeletal therapy. Musculoskeletal therapy is a type of physical therapy which involves manipulation of the joints, muscles and tendons to improve function and decrease pain.

The most important tip is to rest your injury for as long as your doctor advises. Trying to use your injured limb too soon can seriously affect your recovery time.

When To Use Musculoskeletal Therapy

When your cast has been removed, you can visit a musculoskeletal therapist who will assess your injury and put together a treatment plan which will return you to fitness and provide functional rehabilitation. You don’t need to be referred by your doctor.

Musculoskeletal therapists are experts in movement and function. It is common to experience stiffness, weakness and pain in a healing broken leg, and the therapist will be able to use their in-depth knowledge of the musculoskeletal system to aid your recovery. They will be able to provide an exercise programme and injury prevention advice which will build your strength and improve your mobility.

At Northwich Foot Clinic, our musculoskeletal therapist is highly trained and experienced in injury prevention and recovery, with a strong focus on biomechanics and exercise rehabilitation. Book your appointment online today and visit our clinic in Northwich, Cheshire.

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