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Heel pain / Plantar Fasciitis

heel-pain-1Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition affecting the heel. It is now referred to as Plantar Heel Pain. Often caused by repeated pounding of the heel on a hard surface or a sudden twist of the heel on an uneven surface. People with feet that roll in (called pronation) and have flat feet are more prone to getting it.

The plantar fascia is a tight band of tissue that supports the arch and stops the foot collapsing. When it is damaged it gets sore where it joins the heel bone. The pain is usually worst after you have been resting especially getting up in the morning and eases off with gentle stretches or walking. It usually goes in time with rest and using anti-inflammatory painkillers but generally we can’t keep off our feet for long enough to allow the area to settle.

heel-pain-2It is best to support the foot in shoes with cushion soles and fastenings such as trainers and using a supportive insole inside can also speed up recovery.

Gentle calf stretches on the edge of a step will help relieve the pain especially first thing in the morning or after you have been sitting for a while. Rolling the heel and arch on a chilled water bottle or spiky ball can also be really helpful.

A steroid injection from your GP or other treatments such as acupuncture, laser therapy or manipulation may be used in more severe cases.


  1. Jorge McMillan

    I’ve been waking up every morning with heel pain and I haven’t been able to figure out why. Now that I see what Plantar Heel Pain is, I honestly think that its simply because my job requires me to be on my fee and that my heels do get pounded everyday on uneven surface3s. Now hat I know this, I plan on finding a doctor that can help me figure out how to treat this and get rid of the pain.

    • Claire

      It would be really useful for you to wear cushion soled shoes at work if you are allowed. If you have to wear shoes provided by your work then using gel insoles or moulded arch supports like Orthaheel can help too. Hope it gets better soon

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