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Verruca Microwave Therapy

Swift Microwave Therapy


There is a new way of treating stubborn verrucas now available. We can even treat unsightly warts on hands with this equipment. Swift microwave therapy is a quick and effective treatment that treats even the most difficult verruca’s that have been there for years.The latest research shows it to be 83% effective, with the best results obtained after 3 treatments 4 weeks apart.

Often people ask does it hurt?

Well there is some discomfort, i can’t lie, most people describe it like a sudden hot spot but this only lasts 2-3 seconds then the pain disappears. Occasionally afterwards the area may feel tender or a blister may form but there is no break to the skin, no dressings are required and you can get your foot wet.





Some of the results that have been seen

This verruca had been present for several years. (permission to post these images has been given)


After 3 sessions of Swift Microwave Therapy

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