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Category - Foot Care

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7 Unmissable Foot Care Tips From The Foot Doctor

20th July 2020

Our feet are an often neglected part of the body, particularly in cooler weather when they are hidden away under socks and in boots. However, keeping them in tip top condition is so important. Fortunately, the foot doctor is on hand with some tips to keep them healthy… 1. Don’t wear too tight shoes Shoes […]

I Called The Foot Doctor: 3 Common Problems You Need To Fix

I Called The Foot Doctor: 3 Common Problems You Need To Fix

15th June 2020

Feet are one part of the body we frequently take for granted, yet they’re genuinely essential to everyday life. When it comes to your feet, any issue – large or small – can easily be a major hindrance. From walking to driving there’s no escaping the need to use your feet. And if you are […]

Happy Feet: Chiropodists And Why You Need Them

Happy Feet: Chiropodists And Why You Need Them

18th May 2020

There are few who have seen the film Happy Feet and not been hit by the overwhelming urge to a) dance, and b) adopt a penguin. Yet keeping your feet happy in reality isn’t quite so simple as popping on a DVD, and if you want to keep dancing it’s important to take good care […]

What Is A Chiropodist And Do I Need To See One? Northwich Foot Clinic Cheshire Staffordshire North West

What Is A Chiropodist And Do I Need To See One?

2nd March 2020

Our feet are extremely important, and if something goes wrong with them then it can cause issues for our whole bodies – from our legs, to our hips, to our backs. These problems can seriously affect the quality of our lives. This is where a chiropodist can help. What Is A Chiropodist? Chiropodists are highly […]

National Measure Your Feet Day - Foot Care From Your Local Podiatrist in Northwich, North West Podiatry

Why National Measure Your Feet Day Matters

20th January 2020

Did you know that January 23rd is National Measure Your Feet Day? It might seem strange to have a day to celebrate measuring your feet, but this is actually really important. Here’s why… When was the last time you measured your feet? Most of us don’t get our feet measured after childhood. But you might […]

your feet care new year's resolutions

Your Feet Care New Year’s Resolutions

6th January 2020

It’s 2020! With the start of this brand new decade, I’m sure we’re all considering some New Year’s Resolutions. How about some feet care resolutions to keep them in perfect condition and carry you throughout the year, whatever you do? Here are 5 ideas that will keep you moving! Check your shoes You might love […]

I Have Foot Problems What Should I Do

I Have Foot Problems – What Should I do?

23rd December 2019

Here are a few awesome foot facts that you might not have known: Nearly a quarter of all of the bones in our body are in our feet The average person walks 110,000 miles in their lifetime Each foot takes 1.5 times your body weight while you walk Abnormalities or pain in the feet can […]

nail care - how to have the confidence to bare your feet

Nail Care – How To Have The Confidence To Bare Your Feet

25th November 2019

The perfect accessory for that gorgeous party dress is a pair of strappy shoes – but in the midst of winter, it is easy to let your nail care slip. Here are some hints and tips for getting your feet in the best condition, ready for party season! Wash your feet often You shower and […]