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Category - Podiatry

best exercises for foot and ankle care

7 Best Exercises For Foot And Ankle Care

26th April 2021

Do you suffer with foot cramps and ankle pains or weakness? A large percentage of the population suffers with some form of feet or ankle problem causing pain and discomfort. When this gets in the way of your quality of life, preventing you from exercising or working, it’s clear that something must be done. Here […]

Chiropody At Home - Everything You Need To Know

Chiropody At Home – Everything You Need To Know

19th April 2021

Taking care of your feet is an important part of self-care. As our feet can tell us so much about our health, it’s paramount that we take notice. Not only this, but our feet are our way of moving around and when in discomfort, it can dramatically reduce your quality of life. To help prevent […]

Foot health practitioner from Northwich Foot Clinic

The Foot Health Practitioner: Everything You Need To Know

29th March 2021

If you have problems with your feet, you may well need to visit an expert. There are a variety of professionals who are trained in dealing with issues with the feet, including foot health practitioners. But what is a foot health practitioner and what do they do? The Podiatrist Vs The Foot Health Practitioner Foot […]

How to get rid of corns and calluses, Northwich Foot Clinic

Corns And Calluses: How To Get Rid

8th March 2021

Both corns and calluses are build-ups of hard skin on the feet which can be tender and painful. They can be frustrating, too, because when you get rid of one, another always seems to appear. Here, we give you tips on how to get rid of corns and calluses – not just once, but for […]

toenail removal surgery from Northwich Foot Clinic

Toenail Removal: Everything You Need To Know

1st March 2021

You might need a toenail removal for a variety of reasons. It is a small operation, but it is perfectly normal to feel worried about it. To help put your mind at ease, here is everything you need to know about toenail removal… Why Might You Need Toenail Removal? There are several reasons why you […]

Feet Health Tips From Northwich Foot Clinic, Cheshire

What Can Your Feet Tell You About Your Health?

8th February 2021

They may be an extremity, but your feet can tell you a surprising amount about your health. Most of us are probably guilty of not checking our feet for issues often enough. And really, unless you often get foot massages or visit a podiatrist regularly, how long would it take you to notice anything unusual? […]

5 of the best verruca treatments from Northwich Foot Clinic, Cheshire

5 Of The Best Verruca Treatments

25th January 2021

Verrucas – they can be unsightly, embarrassing and often painful, but what can be done about them? Many over-the-counter treatments have low success rates, so they could end up being a waste of money. Help is at hand, though! Here are 5 of the best verruca treatments, from the podiatrists at Northwich Foot Clinic… 1. […]

Types Of Warts - Northwich Foot Clinic

Types Of Warts: When You Need To Seek Treatment

11th January 2021

Warts – did you know there are different varieties? There are several types of warts, and knowing the difference between them is handy. So, without further ado, here is your ‘warts and all’ guide… What Is A Wart? Warts are a skin condition caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Although they usually aren’t dangerous, they’re […]

Verruca Socks - Should You Use Them? Northwich Foot Clinic, Podiatrists In Cheshire

Verruca Socks: Do They Work And Is There A Better Way?

4th January 2021

Verruca socks are special waterproof socks which aim to stop the spread of verrucas. Commonly used by children during swimming lessons, they are often purchased by parents to stop a verruca spreading to other children, or to stop a child getting a verruca in the first place. What Are Verrucas? Verrucas are caused by a […]

Foot callus removal from Northwich Foot Clinic in Cheshire

Foot Callus Removal: All You Need To Know

14th December 2020

A callus is an area of hardened skin which has been toughened due to repeated friction or pressure. They are usually caused by ill-fitting shoes (either too tight or too loose) which consistently rub against a particular area. To protect your skin, your body builds a thick layer of dead skin cells which prevents further […]