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Massage Therapy

For centuries, massage has been used to heal, and strengthen the body. Numerous scientific studies have shown that this type of treatment is effective, which is why we now offer massage to our clients.

At Northwich Foot Clinic & Physio, we work as a team. All of our treatment programmes are tailored to meet the needs of each person. We do this by offering a combination of physiotherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture. Using the expertise of our specialist practitioners, we relieve pain, and help our clients to heal as fast as possible.

The three massage therapies that we offer play a big role in enabling us to treat our patients effectively.

Deep tissue massage

For those with chronic aches and pains deep tissue massages are extremely beneficial. This is because when the body is traumatised muscles tense to protect the damaged area, and limit movement to aid healing.

This is a natural process, however, if the muscles stay stiff for too long, or get too tight this causes problems. When that happens, you end up suffering from muscle tension, and chronic pain, as the tissue and ligaments stiffen and adhesions are formed. These restrict movement, and the muscles become inflamed, which puts pressure on the nerves, and leads to even more pain. It is a vicious cycle.

A deep tissue massage uses slow deep pressurised strokes and sustained finger pressure. These movements break down the adhesions, which enables the muscles to relax. Once that happens, the person being treated can once again move more freely.

Sports massage

Taking part in sport is a good thing. It ensures that you get the regular exercise that your body needs. However, it is important to take steps to protect yourself from potential injury.

A sports massage will help you with this, by reducing the risk of your being injured. Our massage specialist can relieve the tension that builds up in your muscles when you exercise. Not only does this reduce your chances of being injured, it also improves circulation and helps your body to recover faster after exertion. Using sports massages before and after competitions will strengthen your body, thus enabling you to perform at your best.

Should you suffer an injury a sports massage will help you to heal faster. The techniques used gently relieve the pressure, and help the muscles to relax, which quickly relieves pain, and speeds up the healing process.

Sports massages have the potential to benefit even those who do not take part in physical exercise. It is a particularly good way to relieve muscle tension that has been caused by stress.

In addition, sports massages are thought to stimulate lymphatic flow and help the body to flush away metabolic waste. This helps the body to heal and improves general health.

Swedish massage

Ideal for stress relief, reducing tension and relaxation

We also offer a full Swedish massage service, which incorporates all five of the core techniques:

Effleurage – long gliding strokes to stretch out the muscles

Petrissage – lifting and kneading the muscles to relieve tension

Friction – deep circular rubbing movements to stimulate circulation

Tapotement – brisk tapping movements that reduce tension and detoxify

Vibration – vibrating specific muscles to loosen them and stimulate healing

These massage techniques improve the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, which helps it to rejuvenate, and eliminate toxins. A Swedish massage releases uric acid, and lactic acid from your body’s tissues. Once released from the muscles, these damaging toxins can more easily be flushed out of your body.

As you can see, massage treatments have the potential to benefit your health greatly.

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