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Physiotherapy For Back Pain Relief: Everything You Need To Know

Physiotherapy For Back Pain Relief: What You Need To Know

1st June 2020

Back pain can be debilitating, demoralising and excruciating. If you experience chronic back pain, have an episode that goes beyond a few days and stretches into weeks, or experience frequent and recurring bouts of back pain, physiotherapy can help you manage it, recover, prevent further recurrences, and diminish the physical restrictions you experience as a […]

Acupuncture Case Study

23rd August 2017

A patient presented in clinic with significant pain in his low back and symptoms travelling down his right leg as far as his foot. It started while he was bending over an engine in his garage while restoring a classic car. He felt a sharp sudden pain and difficulty standing up straight. The pain got […]

lower back pain problems

Simple exercises to prevent back pain

30th May 2016

Our back is an amazing but complex structure. It relies on the strength of muscles around the spine but also in our abdomen to keep it strong. Doing simple exercises regularly can protect your spine and keep it free from pain. A full set of these exercises should only take around 10-15 minutes. Top Tips […]