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7 Essential Items For Foot Care At Home, To Avoid A Variety Of Foot Problems From Northwich Foot Clinic Cheshire

7 Essential Items For Foot Care At Home

1st September 2020

Many of us have set routines for looking after our faces (cleanse, tone, moisturise), or our hands (trim nails, manicure, moisturise), but do you have a routine for looking after your feet? They’re one of the most overlooked parts of the body, but one of the most important too! Here are 7 essential items for […]

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7 Unmissable Foot Care Tips From The Foot Doctor

20th July 2020

Our feet are an often neglected part of the body, particularly in cooler weather when they are hidden away under socks and in boots. However, keeping them in tip top condition is so important. Fortunately, the foot doctor is on hand with some tips to keep them healthy… 1. Don’t wear too tight shoes Shoes […]