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Can Orthotics Keep You Moving? Everything You Need To Know Northwich Foot Clinic Cheshire

Can Orthotics Keep You Moving? Everything You Need To Know

23rd March 2020

If you suffer from foot, leg or back pain or frequently experience injuries when you are exercising, you may be considering orthotics. But what are they, and can they really keep you moving? What Are Orthotics? Orthotics are special shoe or heel inserts that are prescribed to correct certain issues. They can be custom made […]

Ingrown Toenail? Here's What You Need To Do Northwich Foot Clinic Cheshire

Ingrown Toenail? Here’s What You Need To Do

16th March 2020

If you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail, you will know that they can be very painful. They can also cause nasty complications, including infection in the bone of your toe and ulcers. Fortunately, they can be treated. So, if you suspect that you have an ingrown toenail, here is what you need to do. What […]

What Is A Chiropodist And Do I Need To See One? Northwich Foot Clinic Cheshire Staffordshire North West

What Is A Chiropodist And Do I Need To See One?

2nd March 2020

Our feet are extremely important, and if something goes wrong with them then it can cause issues for our whole bodies – from our legs, to our hips, to our backs. These problems can seriously affect the quality of our lives. This is where a chiropodist can help. What Is A Chiropodist? Chiropodists are highly […]

What Is A Foot Doctor: Everything You Need To Know

What Is A Foot Doctor: Everything You Need To Know

3rd February 2020

A foot doctor can go by many names, but their work is vital. You might have heard of a podiatrist, a chiropodist, a physiotherapist – but what is the difference, and what does a foot doctor do? Here’s everything you need to know. What Does ‘Foot Doctor’ Mean? When you think of a foot doctor, […]

National Measure Your Feet Day - Foot Care From Your Local Podiatrist in Northwich, North West Podiatry

Why National Measure Your Feet Day Matters

20th January 2020

Did you know that January 23rd is National Measure Your Feet Day? It might seem strange to have a day to celebrate measuring your feet, but this is actually really important. Here’s why… When was the last time you measured your feet? Most of us don’t get our feet measured after childhood. But you might […]

your feet care new year's resolutions

Your Feet Care New Year’s Resolutions

6th January 2020

It’s 2020! With the start of this brand new decade, I’m sure we’re all considering some New Year’s Resolutions. How about some feet care resolutions to keep them in perfect condition and carry you throughout the year, whatever you do? Here are 5 ideas that will keep you moving! Check your shoes You might love […]

In The Shoes Of A Local Podiatrist For The Day

In The Shoes Of A Local Podiatrist For The Day

30th December 2019

Being a podiatrist is a varied, busy and satisfying role. Offering foot health care to the community and keeping you moving is a vital job! But what does a local podiatrist do on a day-to-day basis? Step inside our shoes for the day… First things first… Before setting off for work, we make sure we […]

I Have Foot Problems What Should I Do

I Have Foot Problems – What Should I do?

23rd December 2019

Here are a few awesome foot facts that you might not have known: Nearly a quarter of all of the bones in our body are in our feet The average person walks 110,000 miles in their lifetime Each foot takes 1.5 times your body weight while you walk Abnormalities or pain in the feet can […]

what is a podiatrist

What Is A Podiatrist And When Should I Visit One?

16th December 2019

You might not have come across the term ‘podiatrist’ before, but they’re extremely important for your health. So what is a podiatrist, and when should you visit one? What is a podiatrist? A podiatrist is a medical specialist who can help with problems with your feet or lower legs. Podiatrists need to have completed a […]

what is the best verruca treatment

What Is The Best Verruca Treatment?

9th December 2019

Verrucas can be unsightly, painful and embarrassing, so when one appears, finding the best treatment is top of most people’s lists. Which is the best verruca treatment? What is a verruca? Warts are small lumps on the skin which are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). A wart on the sole of your foot is […]